Nature School vs. School Artificial

Nature appears that the school is considered better than the school of non-natural or my A-School Artificial their natural (nature) I made (artificial). Up-up, if stay in the region where there is no school Nature 

According to my School of Nature is not as good a Nature. But more because: 
Better quality teachers. Salary was not a small problem, the more important is the process of selection and training. Training is also not only in the beginning, but continuously. Teacher quality is worsened, immediately replaced. 
Head of the school with a good lead. Create a pleasant atmosphere for teachers, students, and parents. 

More optimal class size. Not always smaller (though it helps), but just happens to the good interaction between teachers and students and among students themselves. 
Parents are actively involved. Send their children to school in Nature, or even to establish the School of Nature itself, shows that they want and are able to directly involved in the education of children. 

If a school is run Artificial the above, I believe the result will be the same. 

So, for parents who want to make their own school but can not make School of Nature, fetched only school with Artificial quality teachers possible. Surely the same.