British fashion makes bold moves in Jakarta

Source:Mariani Dewi , THE JAKARTA POST , JAKARTA | Sun, 03/29/2009 3:29 PM | Lifestyle 

Just as we were beginning to regret missing last month's well-reviewed London Fashion Week, some labels made a bold statement in Jakarta with loud prints and big stones at the Best of British Pops fashion show, at the Hotel Mulia Senayan last Thursday. 

Rising designers Mary Katrantzou and Yuchi, as well as London's more established Todd Lynn, Abirato and Paris/London-based KTZ boutique, lined up to show their stuff. 

Katrantzou caught fashion lovers' eyes in London for good reason. This Greek-born designer has given a new way of defining accessories; by using them in big prints on short silk dresses. Loud necklaces and oversize earrings breeze on these dresses - no longer hanging from necks and ears. 

In simple cuts and mixed bright colors with gold and black, these dresses have an air of playful maturity. 

Another young designer, Yuchi, also took our breath away with an unconventional treat: Animal prints. 

Instead of the normal tiger or leopard pattern, Yuchi displays the head of a tiger; lets a wolf stare straight at you; and plays with flamingoes that dance across her loose silk dresses. 

These prints are arranged in such a way as to give the illusion that the wearer has a thin figure - ideal female curves - that can be further accentuated with a big belt. 

French label AB-irato also offered its trademark funky style. Designer duo Alexander Miel and Benjamin Moureau provoked fashionable people with daring designs. Tight short pants with big white stripes were playfully sexy without being too revealing. These were a good match with a hoodie top with a print of a female in a compromising pose. 

Even a short playsuit that seems normal enough has a naked male body on it. Another wow is the nude-color tight pants with black lines that create the illusion of underpants worn on the outside. 

KTZ, which stands for Kokon To Zai, has found another way to be loud - by mixing big colorful stones with black dresses and hip-hop style crop pants and jackets. The KTZ cap with stones arranged like a crown may be an irresistible lure for younger fashion lovers. 

Cary Cheng, the retail consultant of Glamour Inc, said the economic downturn had not dampened the industry. 

"The crisis started last year and people have had enough of it. People want to feel good, and the clothing depicts this kind of feeling," he said. 

Glamour Inc is a London-Singapore-based company that promotes British designers for fashion lovers in the Southeast Asia region. 

"Many people only focus on the big labels so many *other smaller ones* do not get as much attention. But they are as important as big labels too. Watch them to see what they come out with," said Cary, who handpicked the collection from fashion week. 
Source:Mariani Dewi , THE JAKARTA POST , JAKARTA | Sun, 03/29/2009 3:29 PM | Lifestyle