Celebrate Children's Work Hard!

Your child may not basketball players or the best violin in the group. However, when practice every day, you must give credit to businesses because the training is done with your child, on average, regardless of whether their team wins or loses.

However, praise must be given the right conditions and must be proportionate. Donahue, said glucosamine, to give a simple example of praise to the children of everyday life.

If the child successfully put into a nest of basketball during the match and could give the defence during the game, you are entitled to praise. You praise on the party's move, while in the harsh conditions.

If your child always have students who are responsible and do routine tasks with good math, for example, you may be aware that good study habits. However, if your child learn to do anything other than normal, also gave praise.

If children learn bicycle wheel for about two weeks and then managed them, to give a compliment. When children age teenagers trying to ride the lightning or the fantasy world of roller coasters (for school-age children), said if the child has a soul and intrepid adventurers.

However, not because praise have fun, not work hard grind.

Parents can immediately see the children, praised the conduct of a company. However, experts be carefully to avoid praise that accompanied It is of vital importance is vital. For example, your son play prize of the season when scoring 10 for the retrial of English. This is not allowed. Therefore, is to establish a situation that makes children motivated by money, not by positive sentiment on the success of the week.

Instead, give parties, such as buying ice cream or food especially when the test results of children from the appearance or good music satisfactory. Celebrating the success of children is also a form of praise
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