Tips Assisting Youth

Pattern foster youth need a special way. Although age are still children, it can not be treated as a small child. Teenagers have started to show identification. Usually, teenagers gather more pleased with peers instead of with parents.

In the future this is often tough for parents with teenagers. Especially because parents rather difficult to overcome emotional and other pressures that naturally occurs in the teens.

Sometimes parents behave permissive. This makes only a few children rely on parents as a guide. Teen parents as the only limousine service. This is not healthy.

Said Ken Mellor, members of Melbourne as quoted from the Good Health & Medicine, parents seems to become more service providers for their children who act as consumers. Parents, he continued, thinking that the duty to satisfy their children rather than enter into this world.

"Children should be managed, not only supported and served," says book author Teen Stages: How to Guide the Journey to Adulthood this.

Globally, the parents began to realize that the pattern of the foster teenagers have not been successful. A research conducted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) revealed five important things that need to be owned by the parents so that children grow as a healthy and personal rejoice. Elizabeth GyorfiDyke, a researcher, said that the results of the research will be in a different way to see a solution to the problem, not just study it.

Mellor suggests parents not to give miserly touch on children, for example, embrace, embrace, and others. Not only up there, parents must also sit and gab with them. You can invite the teenager told the activities that day.
According to Mellor, as a family as often as possible another happy-happy. The family dinner together, at least four times a week, children teenagers, they tend to be 75 percent less involved with drugs and behavioral risk.

Keeping Watch
It is important for parents to investigate the lives of her children to know what happened to them. Mellor words, "I will not read the diary my children. However, when they are in risk, I will not hesitate to read. "
Okay just give the restrictions on private teenager, but sometimes parents have a mistaken understanding of the proportion of respect. Now, that does not happen misunderstand, there are good parents make the rules. Can by placing television and the computer only in open space or family rooms, and not in the room of children.
Parents must also create guidelines on the spectacle and games (games) that are allowed and forbidden. International Society for Research on Aggression disclose, violence in the light of the video games can cause aggressive thoughts and actions and behavior towards lower.
Mellor also remind parents not to rule by despotic. Rules need to be given a clear explanation. Tell children that what they see will establish awareness.

Going to School Life
While in school, children may get into the class, but living to be everywhere. To make it keep the focus on school, parents should help or at least the emergency when homework. Parents must also be involved in the lives of school children.
When possible, observed that teachers teach. According to the pattern of experts from Australia, Steve Biddulph, "Teen males can be less a reasonable limit ways of teaching and interpersonal abilities or character of bad teachers. And they will not learn from people who do not like them. "If it is so, the teenagers will does not matter with lessons in school.

So Volunteers
CIHI report shows nearly 75 percent of teenagers volunteer to be growing "healthy", dynamic, love challenges, and become a strong mental and spiritual. Parents should encourage children to engage in social activities. Parents should give an example because they remain a role model for children.

Many Make friends
CIHI reports from other states, Lazare teenagers who with colleagues has a shoulder prices higher self and completely healthy. On the other hand, in line with the teenagers, they, self-doubt and fear of rejection will also be present in themselves.
"The uniqueness of a person needs to be strengthened. However, the mare he friend outside shoulder, it can be a sign that must be feared by parents. You need to lead, "a Mellor. @ Diana Yunita Sari; By admin, http://www.gayahidupsehatonline.com